All Your Runway Curls Questions Answered

Are the prices per bundle? Yes.

How many bundles are recommended for a full head? Classic Collection: 3 bundles. City Afro Collection: 5-8 bundles. 

What color does the hair come in? The Classic Collection comes in a natural black and can be bleached or colored. The City Afro Collection comes in over 10 different colors. 

Can you ship the Classic Collection already colored for us? Yes. Click here for pricing.

Does the hair come in Bulk or on a Weft?Classic collection come in bulk. City Afro collection comes on a weft.

Can the Classic Collection Hair be straightened? Yes.

Do you make units (wigs)? Yes. Click here for pricing.

What is your shipping turnaround time? 5-7 business days but generally you can have it sooner. Please add 3-5 extra business days for custom colors and custom wigs.  Click here for more shipping info. 

Can my order be expedited? Yes. Click here for pricing and add it to your cart.

Can the I reuse the hair? With proper care, the Classic Collection can be reused. Click here for caring instructions.

How do I care for the hair? Click here for Runway Curls care instructions.

What products do I use for the hair? We recommend using sulfate free natural hair care products which ail soon be available on this site. 

Do you offer wholesale pricing to stylists?Yes. You can actually become a Runway Curls Stylist for the city you are in.  Click here for more information.