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My Natural Girl is the theme song for My Natural Doll. It is about a little girl who believes she is invincible and can achieve anything in life because her mother and father told her so. She knows her beauty. She knows her strength. She knows her power.  


Verse 1

Black Skin Glistening, Like a star in the night

Hair run wild, Cause she knows that’s her crown

Proud as her mother said

Confident, Cause Daddy told her she can, yah



She’s a rider yah, She’s a fighter (yah)

A survivor (yah), Undeniable

My Natural Girl


Verse 2

She walks through the streets, like the world is her own and

Because she believes it, the world just follows

Breaking rules, with her  seductive charm  

Changing the world, one girl at a time, oh



Inspirer, yes, She’s a Leader,,yes

An Empowerer, yes, She’s an Lioness

She’s a Rider (yah), She’s a Fighter (yah)

A Survivor, Undeniable

My Natural Girl, Because of your reflection



I am beautiful, I am confident

I am natural, Undeniable

I am, I am, I am, I Iam


Black Skin Glistening, Like a star in the Night

Hair Run Wild Cause I Know that’s my crown

Proud As my Mother said

Confident, Cause Daddy told her meI  can yah


I’m a rider yah, I’m a fighter yah

A survivor yah, Undeniable

Inspirer yes, An empowerer, yes

A lioness, yes, An empress


I am, I am, I am, I am

Because Your reflection


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