Copy of CURLY RYDER Custom Twisted CLIP INS

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MEET CURLY RYDER Custom Twisted CLIP INS… Our Soft kinky curly bouncy Custom Twisted CLIP INS is already pre-twisted for you. Now you can get Curly Ryder Twists without having to worry about whether you stylist knows how to twist or not. The twists are already done for you! And well, every knows how to just CLIP an IN....and BAM!  This bundle is Purse Sensitive….. Provides a Sexy Light weight style that can be washed as often os desired…... and has a gorgeous end result. 

Blended with Human and Kanekalon hair, CURLY RYDER presents an affordable collection that can be reused for up to one year.

• 100% blended hair (human and kanekalon)
• Available in 16 and 32 inch lengths 
• Comes in more than 6 colors, which can be mixed with other colors to create different looks
• Install by simply sewing
• Lightweight and washable
• Reusable for 1 year

*BUY 2-3 Bundles for a full head

*All bundles are Custom Hand Twisted and will vary very slightly in look. 

*Please allow 2 weeks lead time to be custom hand twisted and then 3-5 days delivery