Become a Runway Curls Stylist



We have clients all around the world calling us RIGHT NOW begging us to come to your city or at least refer them to a good stylist in your city. Clearly, we cannot Damn the whole world with Runway Curls by ourselves. This means that  as a Runway Curls Stylist in your city, we refer clients to you! Runway Curls Stylists rapidly grow their business by capitalizing from our International Platform, Exposure and High Demand as seen on WeTV's Cutting It in the ATL.

Runway Curls Stylists are licensed cosmetologists and natural hair care professionals who perform installations of Natural hair extensions. They carry and recommend Runway Curls as a high-quality human hair extension line that blends with their client's natural curls, is long lasting, able to be colored (Runway Curls Classic) and cut to create the natural looks their client's desire. As a Runway Curls Stylist, you are able to purchase Runway Curls hair at an extreme discount and not just make money on the service but also on the hair!

How It Works

You fill out the application to become a Runway Curls stylists and pay the initial $39 monthly fee. Runway Curls will review your work on your social media pages. If the work is not up to Runway Curls standards or does not have the potential to become Runway Curls standards, Runway Curls will refund stylists program fee. Stylists can try to sign up again after 3 months. Once Stylists is accepted, Runway Curls marketing team will create a welcome Runway Curls Stylists Badge introducing Stylists to the world which will be posted on all our social Media Platforms, Newsletters, Directory, etc….

Runway Curls Stylists Perks:

  1. A 20% - 25% wholesale discount
  2. Listing on Runway Curls Online Directory
  3. Directory Listing on Monthly Newsletters
  4. Link to Directory on every order purchased around the world
  5. REFERRALS! If someone calls us from your City, we send them to you!
  6. Social Media Badge introducing you as a Runway Curls Stylists with your contact information posted on our social media platforms.
  7. Welcome Press Release Introducing you as a Runway Curls Stylist to the world to over 100,000 fans and followers including Newsletter and Social Media
  8. Monthly Posts on Runway Curls Platforms featuring directory of your business and social media handles for our followers to follow you
  9. Tutorials to educate you on the latest product information, maintenance tips and styling techniques to give your clients their BEST Runway Curls Looks.
  10. Discounted access to Runway Curls Live classes, featuring education techniques
  11. Priority consideration for Runway Curls Platform work and inclusion in editorial styling opportunities for magazines and TV
  12. Opportunity to be featured on WeTV’s hit show, Cutting It in The ATL, alongside star Mushiya, Founder of The Damn Salon & Runway Curls
  13. Opportunity to travel on Taste of Damn Tours as a featured Stylist
  14. Permission to utilize all of our digital and social media Marketing Collateral to promote yourself as a Runway Curls Stylist.
  15. Features of your work on Runway Curls Web Pages and Social Media Pages
  16. Paid Job Opportunities like Photoshoot work, Educating Work, etc…
  17. Inclusion in Chat group of all the Runway Curls Team including Runway Curls Distributors, other Runway Curls Stylists, Runway Curls  Ambassadors, etc… where everyone shares knowledge, tips, and networks together to create even greater opportunities
  18. And so much more!!

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